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Spanish Glass Soy Candle - 4oz Square

Spanish Glass Soy Candle - 4oz Square

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Spanish Glass Soy Candle - 4oz Square

Personalize your candle by choosing one of our amazing scents to fill this beautiful 4oz recycled Spanish glass candle! Hand poured in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Lotus Soy Candle Co. is your source for pro-earth candles. We use All Natural Soy Wax as well as flat cotton wicks with interwoven paper threads. Hand poured to perfection, we strive to create the highest quality candle available.

When enjoying candles, please:

- Burn within sight.
- Keep away from combustibles.
- Keep away from children.

For best results:

Keep wick centered and trimmed to 1/4". Allow the candle to pool all the way across the top each time lit. Extinguish candle and trim wick if flame gets too high. Keep candle free of foreign matter. Place on protected surface. Avoid drafts. Your candle may become hot when burning.

Repurpose your container! This recycled Spanish glass jar would make a beautiful vase or candy dish, too. Simply clean your remaining wax out using warm water and soap. The nature of soy makes it completely safe to go down your drain!